Prehistory of the Center

In the year 1988 Prof. Holger Gips built up the IVF Center in Gießen as one of the first of its kind in Germany, only four years after the first birth borne German IVF-child. He managed the Center in coopertion with the university clinic Gießen and Professor W. -B. Schill and Prof. Künzel. Nearly 10000 patients were treated under his management in the rooms of the women's clinic.


In the year 2004 Prof. H. -R. Tinneberg took over the IVF-Group and managed them until end of 2006 in the same rooms and with the same staff under the name "Center for In-vitro Fertilisation" (CIF).


Prof. Tinneberg transferred the Center end of 2006 to the responsible senior physician Dr. Amir Hajimohammad who displaced the Center since 1st January 2007 under the name "Fertility Center Mittelhessen" to Wetzlar and leads it as a private institution.