Dear patients, by many couples with child wishes, it makes sense to first do a diagnostic clarification about possible genetic damages by both (male and female) partners, before a reproductive-medical intervention is done. Within a human-genetic consultation this is possible with a suitable specialist without bigger expenditure. Our partner in this area is the Human Genetic Wetzlar (practice Denker and Dr. Götz) at Wilhelm-Loh-Str. 11c in Wetzlar.


Internet: www.medgen-wetzlar.de

E-Mail: info@humangenetik-wetzlar.de



If our treatment of infertility is successful and a Amniocenteses is wished, we recommend the society practice Kerstin and Peter Hormel at Wilhelm-Loh-Str. 11b in Wetzlar, which also works close with the above named human genetic practice.


Internet: www.dres-hormel.de

E-Mail: info@dres-hormel.de



In case of a required treatment with donor sperms we have a cooperation with the Erlanger Sperm Bank. After the acquisition of donor sperm samples these can be placed in storage with us in the Kinderwunschzentrum, so that a treatment can be realized locally.


Internet: www.erlanger-samenbank.de

E-Mail: info@erlanger-samenbank.de