Polar body diagnosis

A high part of human embryos shows a incorrect distribution of single chromosomes. Therefore, many of them are not able to develop and does not lead to pregnancy, in some cases a miscarriage occur. Because an amniotic fluid investigation (amniocenteses) is only possible in the advanced pregnancy, an examination procedure of the IVF, before transferring the embryo, would offer a great advantage. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Germany, because of the regulations written under the "Law of Embryo Protection". For this reason, another method is available, which does not give a statement over the later embryo, but permits a judgement over the distribution of chromosome in the ovum.


With this procedure the polar body, a part of the ovum which is not needed anymore, is sucked with a fine glass cannula and examined by a human geneticist. The polar body originates in the meiotic division and has normally the same number of chromosomes as the ovum. If the amount deviate, it is also vice versa to expect that a false distribution of the chromosomes in the ovum will occur.





With this method the chance of a pregnancy cannot be raised, but by certain patients the miscarriage risk can be clearly lowered.