For the cryo-preservation we select with a special method from the total quantity of fertilised Ova the three best ones - they are further cultivated to a embryo and transferred into the womb of the woman the next day or the day after. The remaining fertilised ova are frozen with a computer-controlled procedure in liquid nitrogen and stored by -196 degrees centigrade.


The fertilised ova are indefinitely storable in the liquid nitrogen, because of the extremely low temperature in the liquid nitrogen all biological processes come to a stand, thereby the ova cannot grow old.


In Germany all actions in the IVF are regulated by the Law of Embryo Protection. Therefore, a maximum of three fertilised ova per cycle are allowed to be developed to embryos.

Einfreiren der Kryokonservierung

cryopreservation of fertilised oocytes



Lagerung der Kryokonservierung

storing of the fertilised oocytes



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