Control of the follicle growth

Ultrasonic control

To be able to judge the degree of maturity of the follicles, we measure their size with ultrasonic scanner. The ultrasonic head is placed into the vagina to have a good view of the ovaries.

The follicles are ripe if they have reached a diameter of about two centimetres. With the ultrasonic scanner we also measure the thickness of the womb mucous membrane, which also increases with the hormone therapy. This is necessary, so that an embryo can establish itself and a pregnancy can occur.

The concentration of the hormone estradiol also shows us how ripe the follicles are. To be able to measure it, we need a small blood sample.

Ultraschall Follikel

Ultrasonic picture of an ovary with many several follicles



Ultaschall Gebärmutter

Ultrasonic picture of the womb



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