Hormone treatment

The hormone therapy with the child wish treatment causes that in the ovaries of the woman many ova grows at the same time. So that the outside supplied hormones can work at their best, hormones belonging to the body of the woman must be reduced.

Medicine, which throttle the hormone system belonging to the body of a woman

Here there are three methods:

  • "Antagonist protocol"

    The agent is taken five days after starting the hormone treatment

  • "Long protocol" (Downregulation)

    The agent is injected into the fatty tissue before the real hormone treatment (in the middle of the cycle) begins and from there the body is slowly delivered with medicine for about 3 weeks.

  • "Short protocol" (Flare up)

    The agent is taken with a nasal spray at the same time with the real hormone treatment. Depending on the pre-findings of the woman the short or the long protocol is better.

The growth of the follicle is stimulated during about 10 to 14 days through the medicine (see lower statement). Thereby, approx. 8, sometimes up to 30 ova, can be obtained. The amount of the ova depends on the starting report of the woman and the dosage of hormones.

Medicine, which allow the ova to ripe

  • The maturity of the ova is caused in the natural monthly cycle by the "follicle-stimulate-hormone" (FSH). This FSH also is in the medicine for artificial stimulation for ovum growth.


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