Two or three days after the follicle puncture (with the Blastocysts transfer on the 5th day) we transfer the embryos into the womb. At first the cells of the embryos divides about 1-2 times per day, on the second day 2 or 4 and on the third day accordingly 4 or 8 cell embryos will be present.




4 cell Embryo



In Germany maximum three embryos can be transferred in a month cycle. See German Law for Embryo Protection


The pregnancy rate after a transfer of three embryos is about 30%. With the transfer of three embryos statistical wise triplets births lays by 2%, 20% for births of twins. With a transfer of only 2 embryos and in according to each individual constellation a reduction of pregnancy rate has to be considered, but the multiple - risk is diminished. You alone decide on the number of transferred embryos. With pleasure we would like to discuss this with you.


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