Provoke an ovulation

In the natural monthly cycle under the influence of the own body's hormone the ovum from the ovary is released, while the follicle vesicle bursts and the ovum is taken from the Fallopian tube. In the stimulated cycle, under hormone therapy, the ovulation is provoke artificially by given the hormone HCG. Under this hormone the ovum goes once again through a maturity process, which is decisively for the fact that the ovum can be fertilised by a sperm.

With the IVF therapy the follicle puncture is planned time wise, that the ova are already sucked off shortly before the ovulation. This is possible because the time period between given the HCG and the bursting of the follicle vesicle is very steady, about 34 hours.

The oocytes were achieved by a small surgical intervention directly before ovulation called follicular puncture. This procedure requires about ten minutes and will carry out under a weak anaesthesia to avoid any pain. The doctor will penetrate the wall of the vagina by a small needle and puncture the follicle of the ovary. The fluid of the follicle will be aspirated for analyzing in the laboratory. There, the enclosed oocytes can be detected under the microscope, separated and transferred into medium for culturing in an incubator.




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