Treatment with donor sperm

An insemination with donor sperm can be used in patients

  • with extreme restriction of fertility.
  • with repeated failed ICSI cycles without pregnancy.
  • with a highly genetic risk of one of the partner.

The donor sperm can be administered directly in the uterus, this procedure is the same than in normal homologous IUI with sperm of the partner. Or, the donor sperm can be use to fertilize the oocytes in vitro in the manner of an IVF/ICSI-treatment. Which treatment could be the ideal method can be discussed with the doctor. However, treatment with donor sperm will not supported by health insurance and have to be paid by patients. Additionally costs are the charges for donor sperm which come from independent German sperm bank (e.g. Erlanger Samenbank). In Germany, the use of donor sperm is well ordered. The origin of the sperm is anonym but a single man and no sperm pool of different donor.


The patients have no right to find out something about the identity of the donor, but the child later in the age of 18 years is allowed to get information about his biologically father. The sperm bank can choose an adequate donor with analogue criteria. The selections of features like colour of the eyes or the hair are not possible. Of course, the sperm bank will guarantee that the semen is free of viral load of HIV or hepatitis.


Due to the regulatory framework of the "Landesärztekammer" in Hessen the treatment with heterologues IUI is allowed only in cases of couples with solid relationship.