Accompanying the medical treatment we offer acupuncture

On account of extensive information before and during the therapy we try to describe the proceedings as transparent as possible.

Through an agreeable climate and personal atmosphere we would like to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

However we are aware of the pressure this could mean to your partnership. The therapy is associated with great expectations and hopes which often but not always be fulfilled.

Practical procedure of acupuncture treatment

Within the limits of a therapy the performed acupuncture constis of 3 treatments.

The first line with an ultrasound-monitoring, the second primary after the embryotransfer/insemination and the third several days later by the time a nidation of the embryo is anticipated.

The expenditure of time per treatment is approximately 30 minutes. I recommend loose comfortable clothing.

Please consider there is no settlement by the legal health insurance company. The charges per session are 35,- Euro.

By request there is the possibillity to receive fully individual treatment.

Berthold Oels