Causes of childlessness by a man

By a man the fertility can be partly limited, without the affected person recognising this.

Very important:

The man has to let examine the quality of seminal early. Spermiograms are mostly done by urologists. Of course you can also have a spermiogram done by us, and also other institutes (in Gießen, for example: the Department of Dermatology&Andrology) offers an andrological consulting-hour, where an analysis of semen can be accomplished.

Quality of spermatozoa

Three parameters plays a role by judging the seminal quality:

  • Concentration of the spermatozoa

  • Motility

  • Morphology (i.e. the form)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined limit values for a normal seminal quality:

  • Concentration:>20 million/ml

  • Motility:>50 percent

  • Morphology:>30 percent of normal formed sperms

    (this limit value is momentary discussed and meanwhile often taken lower)

  • Volume: 2-8ml

A slightly lower value of one or several of these figures does not mean that a man is infertil. In these cases he is distinguished as "limited virility". This only means that it might take longer before a pregnancy occur with the female partner. The more worse the seminal quality in comparison to the limit values is, the more unlikely it becomes that (with a healthy female partner) a spontaneous pregnancy will enter.

In some cases sperms are completely missing in the seminal liquid. In this case an accordingly urological andrological institution has to clear, if perhaps by extraction of a small tissue test from the testicles an IVF treatment is possible (MESA/TESE). MESA/TESE).


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