Causes of childlessness

Why can't we get pregnant?

You are not alone. Experts estimate that every sixth couple remains unintentionally childless. As a result of social changes the family planning has changed: choosing the professional career first leads to the fact, that the average age of a women which has her firstborn child lies meanwhile by 30 years old and is rising further. Already with 30 years old the fertility of women slowly decreases. In addition, also comes the surrounding of environment and the job.

What can be the cause?

We speak about infertility (unintentional childlessness) if after two years of sexual intercourse, without prevention, no pregnancy has entered. The reasons for it can lie by both partners. The main reasons by women are closed Fallopian tubes, disturbances of the hormone household and Endometriosis.

By a man the quality of the spermatozoa is important for the entry of a pregnancy.

Sometimes neither by the woman, nor the man, grounds for childnessless can be found. This is called idiopathic infertility.


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