Possibilities of Treatment

With the treatment of the unintentional childlessness there exist different methods, which involves different efforts. Hereby, a conception of ova outside the body (In-vitro-Fertilisation) does not really have to apply. Also methods like sexual intercourse to ovulation or intrauterine artificial inseminations are under circumstances promising. But often a In-Vitro-In-Fertilisation is necessary. The treatment of the woman is constructed into hormone therapy, winning of ovum and embryo transfer.

Depending on the sperm quality of the man different technologies must be used, to fertilise the ova: the conventional IVF with normal or weakly limited sperm quality or the ICSI with very limited sperm quality. By men which has no spermatozoa in the seminal liquid, capable ICSI sperms can be won under certain circumstances by MESA/TESE.