Fragen and Antwort


Like with every operation there are also in the reproductive medicine health risks, which are luckily rather rare. Here are the three potential risk factors:

  • Over stimulation syndrome (OHSS)

    With the over stimulation syndrome the patient react too strongly to the stimulation therapy, the ovaries produce a lot of follicle vesicles which increasingly pour out hormones again. As a result to this it can occur a feeling of sickness and liquid assemblage in the belly space (abdominal dropsy) which links to pain. This normally happens in a later time of the stimulation therapy, mostly after the follicle puncture. If then increasingly pains appear in the belly space, a doctor must be absolutely informed. In very rare cases a treatment in a hospital has to occur.

  • Multiple pregnancies

    The risk of multiple pregnancies is basically raised in the reproductive medicine, because normally to back up the success more than one embryo is transferred. Statistically about 20% of all pregnant IVF patients get twins and up to 3% get triplets. By the obliging restriction in Germany to three embryos higher rates of pregnancies are extremely unlikely, but by monovular multiples not totally out of the question.

  • Psychic Stress

    The treatment of infertility goes along with long time involvement and requires from the affected couples a maximum in patience. In addition the patients undergo a strong variation of feelings between hope, fear, joy and disappointment. This situation can lead to strong stress situations which not only can decrease the quality of life, but also the health of the patient. A good advice in these cases are self-help groups.

Very seldom complications through surgical operation with the IVF appear, like small injuries in the belly space or infections. With increasing age the risk for miscarriages rises, but until now a connection with the IVF could not be related. Nevertheless, IVF patients has often a higher average age then the rest of the population, therefore alone for this group the rate of miscarriages are slightly higher.