Fragen and Antwort


The costs for sterilisation treatment are determinate after the kind of therapy and the dose of necessary medications. These are normally very expensive and makes a big part of the total expenses.


By legally insured persons the health insurance normally pays a part of 50%, exceptions are by the above described patient with certain age constellations or other indications which exclude a participation of the health insurance.


Legally insured person

  self -part
  without medication with medication
IUI (without stimulation) ca. 130 € ca. 150 €
IUI (with stimulation) ca. 130 € ca. 450 €
IVF ca. 900 € ca. 1.600 €
ICSI ca. 1.100 € ca. 1.800 €



Addition to the costs:

The federal committee of doctors and the health insurance has changed the guidelines to the so-called "artificial conception" with effect starting the 1st January 2004.


After these guidelines half of the costs for the following treatments are taken over:

  • 8 artificial inseminations in not stimulated cycle
  • 3 artificial insemination in stimulated cycle
  • 3 In-vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) or
  • 3 Intra cytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI)

A special regulation for additional attempts of treatment does not exist anymore.


The legally insured persons only receives the material achievement, if

  • both married partner have completed the age of 25 and
  • the woman has not completed the age of 40 and
  • the man has not completed the age of 50.

Besides the age regulation the cost which the legal health insurance does not carry are in these cases:

  • unmarried couples
  • after preceded sterilisation from the man or the woman