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Law for Embryo Protection in Germany

In Germany the reproductive medicine is regulated in the law for embryo protection. This law supposed to protect woman and embryo against the abuse of reproductive-medical technologies.


The most important points in short terms:
  • Per embryo transfer maximum 3 embryos are allowed to be transferred into the womb. This shall protect the woman of developing a pregnancy with more then 3 children.
  • Embryos may not be selected. As an embryo, the fertilised ovum counts from the time in which the fusion of the male and female nuclei has occurred. (Therefore, a selection of pronuclei-stages is permitted).
  • Embryos may not be cryo-preserved. The freezing of embryos is not allowed, to prevent that embryos "without parents" originate, for example if the child wish of the couple has come true and still deep-frozen embryos exist (cryo-preservations from pronuclei-stages are permitted).
  • Forbidden are surged mothers, ovum donations as well as the choice of gender by generated embryos.
  • Further cloning is forbidden and the realisation of an artificial conception, if the purpose is not the pregnancy of patients (reasons of researches).